Zodiac Dark Side: Understanding Each Sign's Shadow  

I find it intriguing that Dexter called his evil side his 'dark passenger.' Astrology reveals each zodiac sign's personality, attributes, and growth potential.  

The "shadow side" of each sign is our less positive traits that we may prefer to hide from others.   

Understanding these shadows can illuminate personal obstacles and development opportunities.   

This article examines each zodiac sign's darker tendencies and how embracing them can improve self-awareness and progress.  

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A person's "dark side" is frequently their trait that society or they find unattractive. Unconsciously suppressed qualities, urges, and impulses are examples.   

Carl Jung proposed the "shadow self"—the unconscious portion of the personality that comprises everything we deny in ourselves but can see in others—in Jungian psychology.  

One's dark side can show as behaviors, ideas, or feelings that contradict their public character or self-image.   

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