Zodiac Signs Never Pay Back

Virgo and Capricorn will instantly grab their phones and send the money, while others will complete their dinner and drinks and Venmo later.

The focus of a night out is usually the company and conversation, so funds may be handled later.

However, every friend group has someone that never Venmoes back. These zodiac signs need three reminder texts. It seems they take forever to send you $15 or $150, regardless.

Some signs give money and an apology a few days later, but others can take weeks or months. 

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This habit causes tension and awkwardness in a friend group, but they do it every time they go out.

Based on their ruling planet, element, and more, here are the three zodiac signs who constantly forget to Venmo you back.

Gemini, a talkative and flighty air sign, typically doesn't see the bill on the table. They only realize and grab their wallet after their buddies pay.

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